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Keeping a Tea Journal: 5 Great Journaling Prompts & Ideas!

Keeping a Tea Journal: 5 Great Journaling Prompts & Ideas!

Hello, I'm Deb, a self-proclaimed tea junkie, sweets junkie, and yes, journal, stationery, and notebook junkie.  And when these worlds collide, scrapbooks are made, cute pens are busted out, stories are told, and writing juices flow and flow and flow. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved documenting life and over the years this love has taken on many different forms: photo albums, scrapbooks, diaries, journals, and blogs.  I've kept a running record of my tea adventures, stories, and thoughts for the last 10 years and it's a past time that is so incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable because it's such a fun creative outlet.  So for anyone who is looking to begin tea journaling as a hobby, or for those who are simply looking for some fresh inspiration, you've come to the right place!  I've got some fun ideas and 5 great journaling prompts below to get you started.

Keeping a tea journal can be as simple as you want it to be.  You can do it any time of day, you can incorporate into your daily teatime routine, or you can do it weekly, monthly, or whenever inspiration strikes.  You can stick to writing or turn it into a fun craft project with photos, magazine collages, drawings, quotes, stickers, and more.  And the journaling topics are endless!  You can stick to a particular area of tea that you love, or write about all sorts of different tea topics.  For example, I have a scrapbook (actually, more than one!) solely dedicated to afternoon tea where I collage photos and journal about all my joyous experiences.  And on my Instagram account, I riff about all sorts of things I love about tea.

Here are some fun ideas for keeping a tea journal:

  • a daily/consistent record of the teas you drink with notes
  • a happiness and wellness journal where you write about all the things about tea that make you happy, bring you joy, and enrich your life
  • a tea travel journal documenting any memorable, worldly experiences you've had with tea (tearooms you've visited, vacations you've taken, places you'd eventually love to go to enjoy tea, etc.) 
  • a wishlist and stash journal where you write down all the glorious teas and tea things you have in your stash and what you'd love to add to your collection (for example, in the unicorn notebook you see in the photo, I keep a running tab of my favourite coconut teas because I'm OBSESSED with everything coconut, as well as a running list of ones I want to add to my stash!  The notebook isn't solely dedicated to coconut alone but you get the idea!  I also keep track of my library of books and books I'd love to get.) 
  • an inspiration and idea journal.  This is great for those of you who love to create digital and print content, recipes, and more.  The hardcover pink journal in the photo is my personal "brainstorm" tea journal where I go nuts and write down all my ideas, recipes, blends, etc.

Ready to get started on writing and recording your thoughts on all the things you love about tea and more?  Here are 5 journaling prompts below for you.  Open a brand new notebook or journal, take out some coloured pens if you wish, use these on your blog if you prefer unleashing your thoughts online, and remember to HAVE FUN! :)

5 Fun Tea Journaling & Writing Prompts
  1. Talk about a friendship that was started or strengthened because of tea.  Where and how did you meet this person and how has tea played a part in creating this connection?  What things do you have in common and what tea-related activities do you most enjoy doing with this person?
  2. What is your most favourite tea gift ever received?  Who was it from, and what was the occasion?  If you could gift something tea-related to a friend or family member, what would it be and why?
  3. List your current 5 favourite teas. 
  4. What would you love to learn more about in the world of tea?  If you could take a class, what would it be about?
  5. If you could create your own collection of teas, what would the theme be and what would it be inspired by?  
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