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Sweet Iced Teas

14 results
Watermelon Jasmine Sorbet (Oolong & Green Tea)
Strawberry Oat Milk (Herbal Tea)
Concord Grape Jelly (Green Tea)
Lemongrass Milk Pudding (Green Tea)
Strawberry Watermelon Yogurt Pop (Oolong Tea)
Lavender Orange Spring Tartlet (Green Tea)
Orange Creamsicle Mousse (Rooibos Tea)
Passionfruit Orange Guava (Black & Rooibos Tea)
Raspberry Lychee Macaron (Green Tea)
Berry Custard Meringue (Rooibos Tea)
Watermelon Lime Slush (Green & Oolong Tea)
Lemongrass Mimosa (Herbal Tea)
Boba Milk Tea (Black Tea)
Lady Earl's Royal Milk Tea No.9 (Oolong, Black & Rooibos Tea)
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