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Welcome to Dessert by Deb!

Dessert by Deb is a tea company and lifestyle brand based in Toronto, Canada.  At Dessert by Deb, it's tea time all the time because tea isn't just a drink - it's a way of life.  From stationery and paper products, to kitchen accessories, to sweet and delicious organic dessert teas inspired by afternoon tea, patisseries, and baked goods, there are plenty of ways to bring the joy of teatime into your everyday life.  Join the tea party!  Get to know the tea lover behind Dessert by Deb:

I can't think of a single birthday party growing up that didn't have a plate or pan piled high with marshmallow crispy squares!  The toasty rice cereal, the gooey marshmallow...ah, it's a forever classic to end all forever classics and it's a dessert that never goes out of style no matter what age you are.  This warm and sweet green tea blend is your sweet genmaicha with sencha green tea, toasted coconut for that hit of creaminess, a sprinkling of coconut palm sugar, and toasty popped rice!  Enjoy a mug of this sweet and savoury dessert and let nostalgia take over.

Lady Grey's Garden (Black Tea)
Sakura Blossom Jelly (Green Tea)
Earl Grey Tea Cake (Black Tea)
Berry Bouquet (Green Tea)

This tea and matcha lovers gift set has it all: tea, something sweet, and plenty of matcha loving fun!  This gift set includes:

(1) 75g pouch of Matcha Cream Puff green tea, (1) box of mini maple shortbread cookies from local Ontario The Shortbread Company, (1) set of 6 "So Matcha Tea, So Little Time" notecards with envelopes, (1) "So Matcha Tea" notepad, and (1) set of matcha & whisk sticky notes!

Dessert by Deb Tea & Sweets Subscription!

**Get excited for the upcoming July/August tea box, sweet treat celebration boxes, and more!  Click HERE for details on Dessert by Deb's tea & sweets subscription boxes!**

London Calling!  The Time of My Life on a Harney & Sons Tea Tour

London Calling! The Time of My Life on a Harney & Sons Tea Tour

It's July 19, 2020 and tomorrow marks one of the most incredible anniversaries in my life: the 2-year anniversary of my trip to London, England in 2018.  On July 20, I boarded an Air Canada plane and my first flight overseas at the tender age of 32 for a week-long stay in London, my lifelong dream destination.  A trip that would change my life and change ME in ways I could never imagine.  A trip that, till this very day, still brings tears to my eyes (I'm having to wipe away tears even as I write this because there's THAT much emotion in this) and still makes my heart feel like it's going to burst from joy.
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Joy, Inspiration & "Big Magic" - Seeking Tranquility in Tea and Crafts!

Joy, Inspiration & "Big Magic" - Seeking Tranquility in Tea and Crafts!

This weekend I joyfully finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic, which I gushed and blogged about in my last blog post.  So it's no surprise that I was inspired to do something that I haven't done in a long time: create for the sake of creating.  I was inspired to dabble in a new and fun and personal project and I made stuff for no other reason than to make stuff for the sheer heck of it!  Zero expectations (other than to actually MAKE the thing!) and zero rushing.

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Inspiration, Big Magic & What Sets my Soul On Fire: A Glimpse Into My Inspiration Notebook

Inspiration, Big Magic & What Sets my Soul On Fire: A Glimpse Into My Inspiration Notebook

Starting Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert got me thinking: while I've shared parts of my story with you all in different blog posts, it occured to me that I hadn't yet begun to delve into all the nooks and crannies of my inspiration: where I seek it, how it comes to me, where I record it, what lights me up, what sets my soul on fire.  And how different areas of my life, interests, aspirations, dreams, and passions tie into my bigger love of tea.  I want to share a part of my inspiration and creative world with all of you here.
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