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Enjoying the Love of Tea at Home: Creating a Fun & Cozy Tea Table!

Enjoying the Love of Tea at Home: Creating a Fun & Cozy Tea Table!

Ah, the love of tea, one of life's greatest joys.  And admittedly, one of life's greatest conundrums when our love starts spilling out of more than just a kitchen cupboard and shelf!  I'll be the first to raise my hand and confess that my passion for tea touches different corners of my home and the days of containing my stash and collection of teas and goodies in a single drawer, bag, box, or cupboard are long gone. 

That ship has sailed, folks.  

I can't even see mainland anymore.  It's a dot to me.

I think we tea lovers all know the individual rabbit holes we stumbled and tumbled into when this love affair began, but the joy of being a part of this amazing community keeps the fun coming: all the friends we've made, all the learning, all the delicious teatime moments we set aside for ourselves in our day.  And, you know, those parcels showing up at your door.

So, whatever should we do?!  A number of years ago, I fully acknowledged that this passion of mine wasn't going anywhere and that I didn't want it to go anywhere.  But I wanted a creative outlet to express this love in a way that would look beautiful, be easy to change up depending on my mood, be practical, be my little cozy home and tea sanctuary, and be neat and tidy and organized.

Well that's a tall order.

But I had a stroke of genius and figured it out: THE TEA TABLE, BEHOLD!

*cue angels singing, clouds parting, and harps playing*

A tea table is simply a table surface of any size you can use to unleash your creativity and call your own.  It can be as big or small as you want.  It can be a dresser table like mine, or a bedside table, or even a cart.  So long as you create it with the enjoyment of tea in mind, that's all that matters.  Even if you still store teas and accessories and other goodies in other areas, creating a tea table will help you centralize some of your most used, favourite items, give you an area to display some nice things, and also bring you a really calming sense of peace and tranquility as you put it together and use it.  

Here are 5 ideas on how you can structure and create your very own fun and cozy tea table!

  1. Make It Themed!  Create your tea table with a theme in mind.  Colour code it, make it seasonal, or totally geek out and make a tea table that shows off a favourite character, book, movie, travel destination, place, or passion!  Using my photo up top as an example, I was going for a bright spring look sticking to yellows, greens, and blues.  I've also switched up my tea tables to create a fun Hallowe'en table and Christmas table.  And I've even busted out my Pusheen mugs and teaware for fun to make it, well...Pusheen!  If you love Paris, make it Parisian themed.  If you love Harry Potter, make it Harry Potter themed.  The options are ENDLESS!

  2. Make It Practical!  Ooh practical does not have to mean boring!  Keeping it simple and practical can be really fun.  Outfit your table with 5 teas from your stash on rotation for a week, and have fun with your everyday supplies: keep a set of filters, strainers, spoons and scoops, a few mugs, and a teapot and your choice of sweetener.  Volia!  Practical and no-fuss and easily customizable.

  3. Make It Crafty!  Are you someone who loves crafts and wants a dedicated shrine to display your new projects?  This is the perfect spot.  For those who love to crochet and knit, slap down those crocheted coasters and tea cozies.  Love ceramics?  Display some of your dishes and bowls.  Artist, designer, or photographer?  Frame some prints, photos, and art on the wall around your tea table area.

  4. Make It a Par-Tea!  Love being host or hostess?  Make your tea table into party central.  Keep a selection of teacups and dishes on hand, some pantry sweets like cookies and chocolates, utensils, and some fun party napkins ready-to-go.  Switch things out regularly and have fun!

  5. Make It Peaceful!  Seriously, turn your tea table into your personal zen zone.  Have your favourite soothing teas on the table (or teas that make you insanely happy and put you in a great mood), some books, maybe a candle, and incorporate it into your spiritual practice if you have one.  Meditate with tea, make the surrounding area cozy and comfortable with some pillows, and keep a tea journal on your table if you feel called to.

I hope these tips get you psyched and excited to experiment creating your own tea tables in a little corner of your home!  There's no wrong way to do it, just have fun and take your time.  You can make it into an hour-long project, a day-long project, or chip away at it for a week and let your creativity flow and the pieces fall into place. 

In next week's blog post, I'm going to share with you all the story behind the first tea table I ever put together and how it transformed my life and healed my heart during a dark and deeply painful time when I believed all hope was lost for me. 

Over the years I have had the privilege of unearthing and discovering all the ways tea can brings us happiness and all the ways tea can also heal us, in more ways than one.  This is what Dessert by Deb is all about: creating delicious dessert teas and helping you discover all the ways you can bring the light and joy of tea into your life and home so you can live your happiest Sweet Tea Pie Life.  Thank you so much for being on this journey with me.

Debra Wong

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