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Chronicles of a Tea Lover - Collections: I Love Pusheen Mug & Teaware

Chronicles of a Tea Lover - Collections: I Love Pusheen Mug & Teaware

Introducing a new blog series to Dessert by Deb to hang out alongside both the "Tea at Home" series and the "Sweet Surrender" series: Chronicles of a Tea Lover!  Chronicles of a Tea Lover will document all the fun and personal loves of my life dedicated to tea and today we talk tea collections because we tea lovers ALL HAVE THEM. 

C'mon, 'fess up. 

We tea lovers looooove collecting tons of different tea things because having tea in our everyday lives brings us that much joy.  Maybe you love collecting and hunting down special oolongs.  Maybe you're crazy about mugs.  Maybe you've got a teacup collection to die for.  Or maybe you adore collecting stationery, accessories, books, the sky's the limit.  And that's one of the reasons why creating my business and company has been so much fun, because I know the geeked out giddiness fun tea products can bring to our homes and hearts. 

So!  What are some of MY favourite tea things to collect?  My goodness is there ever a lot!  My most favourite things include: tetsubins, cute mugs, tea dishes and teacups, books, stationery, and trinkets like magnets, keychains, and culinary items.  I'm also crazy obsessed with coconut teas and I really, really love finding gorgeous yellow teaware and anything relating to afternoon tea.  I can't wait to show you all some of my favourite things through this blog series! 

Pusheen mug Home is Where My Butt Is

Today's blog post is dedicated to my Pusheen mug and teaware collection.  Pusheen mugs are SO ridiculously funny and cute!  They have bright colours, funny puns, and sarcastic sayings that I love and seriously, it's PUSHEEN.  I have about 5 or 6 mugs and the Tea Rex teapot and I normally dedicate my Pusheen mugs to drinking water and juice.  My favourite is the one up top, "Home is Where My Butt Is" with Pusheen lounging on a pink couch with polka dot pillow.  Oh my god, I squee over the funny cuteness every time, it's so very me!

Pusheen mug Catpusheeno  


Pusheen mug Pusheenicorn

It's not a huge expansive collection, but it is something I really enjoy purchasing when I have the chance.  And that's really what I think differentiates our collection styles.  Some of us loooove the hunt and will literally scour stores and ebay and trade and swap sites for items while others might just add to their collections here and there when they happen to be in a place to purchase something. 

I'm like that with my Pusheen mug and teaware collection.  I don't go out of my way to seek them out, I just pick one up every once in awhile to treat myself and have a blast oohing and ahhing over the stinkin' cuteness and rotating between my mugs!  Now that we're living in a pandemic situation though, online shopping will have to be the way to go for the time being if I'd like a new one to add to the collection!

Pusheen mug, Things I Love

Pusheen mug, birthday

Pusheen mugs and teaware

Debra Wong


Debra Wong

I love seeing your collection & posts, look forward to many more. Tea-riffic.

Debra Wong

I love pusheen! Those mugs are so cute!

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