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Chocolate, Berries & Cream (Black Tea)


**Please note that this blend is a returning favourite and has been added to Dessert by Deb's Vault and is only available in 100g portions**

Chocolate is a MUST in a dessert tea collection!  Chocolate is one of the most versatile and beloved (not to mention decadent) things in the world of dessert.  Here, chocolate is paired with vanilla and berries for a creamy, fruity black tea blend.  Try it with a splash of non-dairy milk or creamer for a truly scrumptious treat!

Note: this blend contains hibiscus so non-dairy milk is recommended versus regular milk as the acid can cause it to curdle.  Almond, soy, and coconut milk are good alternatives.

Certified organic ingredients: Black Tea, Vanilla, Cacao Nibs, Dark Chocolate, Elderberries, Currants, Raisins, Hibiscus

Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada.

Steeping instructions: 2 tea spoons at 212F for 4-6 mins

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