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Dessert by Deb Tea & Sweets Subscription Box! 1-Year (6 Boxes) - FREE SHIPPING!


Subscription boxes have made their return!  For those who knew me during The Sugared Teacup era, you loved the tea subscription boxes and asked if I would bring them back after I got Dessert by Deb up and running.  The answer is YES!  Only this time, we're doing it tea and sweets, Dessert by Deb style and I am so incredibly excited to share this incredibly fun subscription box service with all my fellow tea and sweets lovers!!

**July/August Tea & Sweets Subscription Box will be slated to ship after first week of August!**


  • Subscriptions are for 1 year and are bi-monthly.  You will receive 6 boxes of freakin tea and sweets awesomeness!  Subscriptions are $40 CAD x 6 ($240 for the year) and all subscribers receive FREE SHIPPING on ALL 6 BOXES!  Subscriptions are open to Canada and US.

  • Boxes are sent out at the beginning of the second month of the bi-monthly period for current subscribers.  


  • (3) 25g pouches of Dessert by Deb teas!  1 from the shop and 2 EXCLUSIVE blends not available on the website, for subscribers ONLY!!  Teas will also be themed/seasonal for the time of year.

  • extra Dessert by Deb tea samples

  • 1 special Dessert by Deb tea accessory or stationery item (such fun stuff in the works!  Bookmarks, magnets, notepads, tea accessories and so much more!)

  • 2 dessert sweet treats from local sweet treat makers!  Cookies, marshmallows, chocolates, candies, ALL THE DELICIOUS THINGS!


  • Free shipping on all subscription boxes!
  • Exclusive tea blends not offered on the website!  (And believe me, the exclusive stuff is super fun, super yummy!)
  • Subscribers will receive a special discount code for 25% off all Dessert by Deb products in the shop ALL YEAR LONG!  Discount code will be emailed to you after purchasing the subscription and is effective immediately, so SHOP AWAY!! :) *please note that the discount code is exclusive to subscribers only.  Please do not allow others to use this code!*
  • Did I mention subscribers also get a special birthday present from me?!  Ohhh yes, because the gift of tea and Debra just keeps on giving!


  • if you have allergies or dietary restrictions (such as nuts for example; all teas are nut-free, but it's possible that some sweet treats could have nuts), please indicate this in the notes!  This will allow me to either swap out an existing item and/or be proactive in having an alternative in advance!
  • please remember to tell me when your birthday is!  I can't send you birthday goodies if I don't know when your special day is! :)


  • Q: Can I purchase a single box without subscribing?  Answer: YES!  However, single purchases don't receive free shipping or any of the subscriber perks.  Single purchase boxes will receive the treats and accessory, but the teas, while of course still fabulous, will not be exclusive.  The 3 teas included will be a selection from the current seasonal collection and others from the website that fit the time of year.
  • Q: Can I get a refund/cancel?  Answer: I have to say no.  I use the funds to develop all the new teas and products in advance so knowing how many subscribers I have onboard is critical for me financially.  I want everyone to love their goodies and truly enjoy the subscription box experience so I truly hope that folks wouldn't have to consider this, fingers crossed!
  • Q: I LOVE the exclusive blend I received in my box!  Can I purchase a larger quantity from you?  Answer: Absolutely!  With the new packaging and quantities, I sell my teas in 75g pouches for $16, so send me an email and I can definitely arrange to blend more for you so long as I have my ingredients!
  • Q: Will any of the exclusive blends make their way onto the website and shop?  Answer: if something becomes increasingly requested, the most likely scenario is that it might show up in a future collection down the road.  Other than that possibility, they will remain exclusive to subscribers, simply as both my thank you to my supporters and customers, and as my creative outlet and passion to share my wild and wacky dessert tea blend ideas with you guys!


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