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Marshmallow Crispy Square (Green Tea)


**Please note that this blend has been added to Dessert by Deb's Vault and is only available in 100g portions**

I can't think of a single birthday party growing up that didn't have a plate or pan piled high with marshmallow crispy squares!  The toasty rice cereal, the gooey marshmallow...ah, it's a forever classic to end all forever classics and it's a dessert that never goes out of style no matter what age you are.  This warm and sweet green tea blend is your sweet genmaicha with sencha green tea, toasted coconut for that hit of creaminess, a sprinkling of coconut palm sugar, and toasty popped rice!  Enjoy a mug of this sweet and savoury dessert and let nostalgia take over.

Certified organic ingredients: Green Tea, Popped Roasted Rice, Coconut, Toasted Coconut, Palm Sugar

Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada.

Steeping instructions: 2 tea spoons at 200F for 5-6 mins


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