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*NEW!* Dessert by Deb Best of 2019 6-Tea All-Star Sampler Set


In a little over 3 weeks, we'll be ringing in the new year - 2020, can you believe it?!  And of course, it would be fabulous if you rung in the new year with tea from yours truly!  This year was Dessert by Deb's first and so many people have made my heart so happy through supporting my business.  This business and making tea has made me so happy. 

So this sampler set is a salute, hug, and a blown kiss to the tea blends that happy tea drinkers and customers hungrily snatched up at events.  The ones many customers have told me they adore.  The all-stars.  And I am SO. DAMN. PROUD of them.  Because they have all been thought of from my mind, blended and packed by these hands, and delivered straight through my heart into the world, and into your home and teacup.

This 6-piece sampler set includes (6) 25g pouches of:

x. Chocolate, Berries & Cream/ Chocolate Orange Biscuit Cake/ Coconut Maple Custard/ Matcha Cream Puff/ Orange Ginger Shortbread/ Sour Cherry Tartlet

We have some time before the clock strikes midnight on December 31; let's make it count and make the end of this decade an incredible one.

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